Idiot iPhone Thief Leaves His Samsung Galaxy at the Scene, Gets Caught

By Eric Limer on at

Irony's a bitch. Alleged iPhone thief Travis Montgomery Snyder knows first hand. His smash-and-grab plot to liberate a whole slew of iPhones from a US phone seller went of mostly without a hitch. Expect for the part where he left his own phone behind.

The robbery occurred back on February 19, when police were called to the scene of a local phone store, DMW Wireless, to find a broken display case and a bunch of missing Apple devices. But just inside the front door, under a pile of broken glass, was the unwitting(?) Samsung Galaxy trade-in.

It was pretty trivial to trace ownership back to Mr. Synder, who looks suspiciously similar to the forgetful thief caught on DMW's security cameras. Too bad he didn't stick with Android; then he wouldn't have to jailbreak. [The Washington Post]