Idiot Tries to Wear Handgun-Shaped Heels Through Airport Security

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Considering we live in an era where the possession of too much hand sanitiser is enough to strike fear in the heart of airport security, you'd think passengers would exercise a little caution when it comes to carry on items—you know, like leaving the gun-shaped paraphernalia at home. You'd be wrong. This past week, one LaGuardia-goer tried to pass through airport security in a pair of pistol-shaped high-heeled shoes.

The shoes were, of course, totally harmless, and since the unnamed woman surrendered the shoes voluntarily, the TSA officers on duty decided to let her go on without question. Which I'm sure will get a good-hearted chuckle out of everyone who's ever been cavity searched over a rogue tube of toothpaste.

The confiscated shoes were tweeted out by TSA's public affairs spokesperson, who regularly posts the cautionary tales of TSA's many transgressors. And apparently, this woman isn't the only one who thinks it's probably a good idea to bring gun replicas through airport security. Either there are a lot of incredibly dumb people in the world, or a few lonely-hearts are looking to get strip-searched in the only way they know how. []