Inside Astronauts’ Enormous Space Toolbox

By Eric Limer on at

You never want to be stranded without your tools, especially if you are in the middle of nowhere. And what's middle-of-nowhere-er than the vacuum of space?

It should come as no surprise that the ISS has a hefty stash of tools for every foreseeable complication short of maybe a hostile takeover by aliens. British ISS astronaut Tim Peake offers an awesome look inside on his Flickr account, where he showcases the mammoth supply chest's army of drawers, a sampling of which is shown above.

Makes your little plastic box with a lonely hammer in it look a little sadder, right? Fortunately you'll never have to tinker to fix any systems without which you cannot breathe. You can check out the crazy kit in more detail over on Peake's Flickr. [Tim Peake via Boing Boing]