iOS 7 Is Secretly Baby-Proof

By Eric Limer on at

Regardless of what you think of its icons, iOS 7 is a big design shift for Apple, and it's here to stay. When the new OS finally hits consumer phones everywhere, it might be a little surprise for some, but there's one demographic it's really going to flummox: babies.

The clip pretty much speaks for itself, but it's crazy to see how a change that seems relatively minor—and awesome—to us can completely bewilder a kid, a kid that's a whiz at iOS 6, no less. If you had any doubts that skeuomorphism serves a real purpose, here's your proof that it does. But that doesn't make it any less ugly.

As for this little tot here, I'm sure she'll figure it out soon enough. But until then, it looks like the iPhone is a grown-up toy again. [Redmond Pie]