Is This the Perfect-Sized Mini Tripod We've Been Waiting For?

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The problem with most compact tripods is that while highly portable, they're really only useful for supporting lighter cameras like point-and-shoots or smartphones. But most people who'd actually need and use a tripod are probably shooting with heavier DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. So Manfrotto created the Pixi: a decent compromise between a full-sized tripod and a compact set of sticks that doesn't sacrifice usefulness for size.

Weighing in at just 230g, but able to support gear up to 1kg, the Pixi measures in at just under 18cm in length with the legs folded. So while it's not the smallest tripod you can buy, it's still useful to amateur photographers shooting with semi-pro gear and a reasonably sized lens. After all, you don't want your £10,000 telephoto lens toppling the whole thing over.

The Pixi's threaded screw works with any gear that includes a standard tripod mount, and for easy positioning its ball head locks and releases with a single button. No fuss, no muss. And the tripod's tapered legs double as an ergonomic grip when folded for shooting handheld video. £25 seems like a reasonable trade for sharp long-exposure shots and smooth video to us. [Manfrotto via PetaPixel]

Is This the Perfect-Sized Mini Tripod We’ve Been Waiting For?