James Blunt Spams "the Whole of the UK" With New Single Email

By Gary Cutlack on at

After years of offending our ears with his music, mystifyingly popular singer James Blunt has now managed to offend our eyes -- thanks to an email PR campaign that ended up spamming "millions" of people.

The mass email was sent with the subject line "I’d like you to be the first to hear my new single" and the message itself began "Dear Friend," using the classic impersonal approach favoured by all the best spammers. Blunt claimed on Twitter that the email designed to promote his new song reached "the whole of the UK" and that certainly appears to be the case, with social sites now packed with rhyming slang comments and wisecracks abut the mum-pleasing singer.

His record company Warner says a "clerical error" meant it was sent to more people than merely those who'd signed up to his mailing list, with everyone on Warner databases for news about other artists also getting a personal invite to listen to Blunt's new song. [PR Examples]

Image credit: James Blunt from Shutterstock