Kids Classic Knightmare Revived to Plug YouTube's Geek Week

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bizarre before-its-time ITV CG puzzle show Knightmare is about to return for the next generation of TV-obsessed children, thanks to YouTube and UK production company Channel Flip combining to satisfy the cravings of 30-somethings across the country.

It's only a one-off, although the show's original creator Tim Child in on hand to produce, with Isy "Dobbie" Suttie and Jessie Cave from the Harry Potter films starring alongside the actual dungeon master and Tregaurd actors from the 80s/90s original run of the show -- and some today's modern YouTube "celebrities" will be joining them too.

The return's part of (and presumably paid for by) a "Geek Week" celebration put together by YouTube, which sees a stack of new content put together by existing "stars" of the online video scene to celebrate everything from Doctor Who to cosplay and some "sci-fi-themed cooking" presentations.

The geekery begins on August 4th. [YouTube via Guardian]