"Lengthen Heathrow's Runways Then Chop Them in Half" to Boost Capacity, Says Think Tank

By Gary Cutlack on at

The problem of Heathrow's bulging seams could be solved without the need to build a new runway or create an entirely new airport for London, by simply lengthening its two existing runways then cutting them in half. Which would, according to mathematicians, create FOUR runways.

The report, put together by the Centre for Policy Studies, says the jiggling about of the current tarmac would require the building of a sixth terminal to handle the suitcases and people that would come alongside this near doubling of capacity, but it'd be substantially less disruptive and quicker to put into place than any of the current plans to boost Heathrow's capacity. [This is Money]

Image credit: Heathrow from Shutterstock