Lenovo's Yoga Goes From Desk to Disco (Or Laptop to Tablet) In Seconds

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"Convergence" is a word we've banned 'round these parts as quite frankly, what gadget isn't in danger of putting the kitchen sink out of a job these days? But Lenovo only wishes for you to consider its Yoga range of convertibles as "versatile," which is a polite way of saying you don't need to avert your gaze when you pass your old laptop and tablet queuing up outside the dole office.

Running Windows 8 for those moments you want full computing power (or merely a work-out for your fingers on the full-sized keyboard), plus the Windows 8 Modern interface for the more casual finger-poking tablet days, both modes are supported beautifully by its vivid and responsive touchscreen.

But don't listen to our little spiel. Check out what our brothers at TechRadar say in their review of Lenovo's Yoga 13: "This is an ideal flagship device for Microsoft ad Windows 8. It takes complete advantage of the Windows 8 environment, particularly the touch interface."

Groovysticks, right?

You'll certainly be thinking so, when you fold the keyboard into the first of its four configurations, resembling the downward dog or whatever yoga position we missed that time we skipped class to go and breathe on lesser laptop models in our local electronics store.

Whatever you do, don't just keep it in its traditional laptop mode -- that's like only driving a Maserati at 40mph. Or doing yoga merely lying down. Still, with the option to use the sensitive touchpad, a mouse, or the touchscreen, you've still got options. We'd flip the keyboard around behind the screen to power up the tablet mode, though -- that big, luscious tablet experience is perfect for sofa-based browsing, of which we're very familiar with. Let's say you still need to polish off some work though, but aren't quite ready to rescind your laid-back tableting. That's when the hinge comes good, with the keyboard folding back to be used as a stand. Suddenly: Hands-free tablet! Know what else offers a hands-free experience? Tent mode. Just fold the keyboard back entirely, and a family of mice could take refuge under that arch. We'd suggest sticking to watching films though, or maybe showing off a presentation...if you must, you wild office thang, you.

Available in two sizes -- the 13-inch Yoga 13, and 11-inch 11S; both models are slim and light enough to go by the moniker of "Ultrabooks," meaning they're comfortable and portable enough to get you from desk to disco (if your idea of a disco is watching '70s music videos on YouTube, that is) with just a couple of hinge swivels.

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