Loaded Publisher: Put Crap Food in Modesty Bags to Protect Kids

By Gary Cutlack on at

The publisher of Loaded magazine, one of the lads' mags threatened with the boot by supermarket chain Co-op, has come up with a superb response to the suggestion magazines be censored to protect our children; take it one step further and hide sweets, crisps, cakes and chocolate from them inside blank wrappers as well. Makes sense.

Speaking about the Co-op's possible man-mag ban or modesty wrapper campaign, Paul Baxendale-Walker said:

"I wholeheartedly support the move and I think it should be extended to include Christmas toys, Easter eggs and all the other expensive, unnecessary rubbish that everyone else is trying to peddle to young children. Can they please extend it to horrible fattening foods and soft drinks that are polluting our kids arteries and causing Generation Fat?"

Baxendale-Walker also makes a good point about how the brains of children work -- if you want them to be interested in something, hide it from them. Nothing makes a small person more curious about a thing than the idea that it's so special/dangerous/exciting that adults don't want them to have it. He added:

"I frankly don't care whether they bag it [Loaded magazine] or don't bag it, sell it or don't sell it. I think it is important that if you're going to step into the arena of claiming an interest in the protection of children, that the Co-op hides all the bad foods they have on open display. Why don't they put modesty wraps on all the foods killing our children?"

Sounds like a great idea. Hide cakes. Put photos of heart attack victims on Mars bars. Re-introduce rationing so we can only buy one packet of crisps a month. It'd be a bit like living in North Korea, but we'd all live longer and would lose stacks of weight.

Meanwhile, the editor of Loaded also put out a serious statement on the matter. Which isn't as funny. [Guardian]