Microsoft Has to Change SkyDrive's Name Because of a Lawsuit Now, Too

By Kyle Wagner on at

Ha. In a pain-in-the-everything development for Microsoft, it's agreed to change SkyDrive's name because it infringes on a trademark owned by British Sky Broadcasting Group (aka Sky or BSkyB). This is, of course, deeply funny.

Last year, Microsoft had to rename its Metro interface after it lost a slapfight over the name called with European partner Metro Group. This one seems, on the surface at least, even sillier, since the issue is reportedly over Sky's existing products like channels Sky One and Sky Movies, and its ability to stick "Sky" in front of literally anything.

So the Microsoft branding folks basically get to 'play Oprah' with new names for all Microsoft's stuff. You get a name. You get a name. You get a name. Everybody gets a name. And everyone who's going to be super confused about their cloud storage changing its name can just shake their heads. [Verge]