Modern Family Seasons 1-3 Is Your Excuse-to-Stay-Inside Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

It's been a long time since we've laughed. You know the kind of laughter that we mean -- long, sustained guffawing, the kind that you can only get with a sitcom box set LOLathon.

So then, we present to you a Blu-ray collection of the first THREE seasons of the smash hit, American ROFL-bringer that is Modern Family. Nine discs, 72 episodes, just shy of 1500 minutes. There's a strong chance that you'll either die laughing or that your face and/or rib cage will be permanently rearranged by prolonged exposure to this... and all for just £19.95 delivered. What a way to go!


Today's Bonus Dealz:

GTA Complete Pack (PC) -- just £7.00.
Official Xbox 360 Elite wireless controller -- £20.79 delivered.
- Defiance (PC) -- only £6.99.
Trine 2 (PC) -- 85% off at £2.09.
3TB Western Digital hard drive - £89.99 delivered.
Powercolor 7770 GHz 1GB graphics card & 5 free games -- yours for £86.33.
Philips Blue Imageo rechargeable LED candle lights -- only £12.99.
Cable access kit (10 x 1m) - just £6.99

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