EU Mobile Roaming Fees Less of a Rip-Off From Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

Today's the day the EU's latest bit of positive price fixing legislation kicks in, with new rules regarding how much the mobile networks can charge us for roaming while away from home coming online right now.

The cap in the cost of making a call while roaming within the EU has now been lowered to 24 cents (21p), down from last year's maximum of 29 cents. The connection fee for receiving a call while connected to an alien network has dropped one cent to 7 cents, while outgoing SMS message costs have also come down to 8 cents a time. And they'll come down further next year, too.

The biggest drop comes in the charges levied on roaming data allowances, which sees the EU capping mobile data costs at a maximum of 45 cents (38p) per MB, a huge drop from the 70 cents (60p) networks were allowed to charge for a one megabyte chunk of mobile data connectivity just last year. [EU via BBC]

Image credit: Phone on the beach from Shutterstock