Nokia's Super-Camera-Phone-Thing Gets Another Leaked Image

By Chris Mills on at

The July 11th Nokia event for the long-rumoured EOS Cameraphone Of Doom draws closer, and as is the standard nowadays, more and more leaked shots are turning up on the 'net. Today, it's the turn of a press render, purporting to be of a 'Lumia 1020', with a 'Pro Camera' app running on top.

The leak is courtesy of the normally-reliable @evleaks on Twitter; however, this isn't even a blurrycam photo, just a low-res render that wouldn't have been terribly difficult to fake.

From it, we can learn two things: Nokia's industrial designers are almost as lazy as Samsung's, since the hardware looks identical to the Lumia 925; and second, the upcoming EOS phone may feature a 'Pro Camera' app. That would complement the Lumia 925's 'Smart Camera' app quite well, setting the stage for a two-horse Nokia phone lineup.

Of course, it's possible that the Lumia 1020 isn't an EOS phone; given Nokia's past history of launching region-specific handsets (cough, Lumia 928) and the AT&T branding on the leaked render, this could just be a US-only version of the Lumia 925. In any case, there's only one week left until Nokia spills the beans. [Evleaks via TechRadar]

Image credit @evleaks