Only in Japan Can You Actually Advertise on a Lady's Thigh

By Sam Gibbs on at

Of course ad agencies are always looking for new and innovative advertising ideas to push the envelope, but this one takes the biscuit. Body ads have gone from your face to the thighs of Japanese ladies. Yes, that's right, just below their short skirts, because that's where every bloke looks.

If you look at it from the metric of number of eyeballs on ads, it makes total sense. That's where most Japanese men apparently look, and it's somewhere Japanese women are happy to show off too. But there's just something so wrong about this in my eyes. Sex sells, but have we really stooped to the level of labelling intimate body parts like this? What's next? Side-boob or cleavage ads? Can you imagine how much money a celebrity could make out of that? [ITN]