Pay More As You Go as Vodafone Profits From Rounding Up Calls

By Gary Cutlack on at

Vodafone's about to make a rather huge change to the way it charges its PAYG customers for calls, with the network deciding to start charging by the minute rather than the second. And it's rounding everything up.

Which means that, according to its new terms and conditions, a 65-second call that sneaks over the one minute limit will now be charged for the full two-minute duration, nearly doubling the cost of the call for those using PAYG SIMs. The move was communicated to PAYG customers via a link in a text message, with the new fee structure kicking in from August 1st.

Vodafone is describing the changes as a positive move, saying the system now offers: "No more complicated pricing by the second -- just clear, straightforward per minute charges," as if the public is somehow more easily confused by counting seconds than minutes. [Vodafone via Guardian]

Image credit: Vodafone