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"Twitter! You are in a Dungeon. A chill wind blows down the passage to the NORTH. A CHEST sits on a DAIS in the corner of the room. A GOBLIN stands before you, waving a rusty knife and muttering under its breath. What is your CLASS?"

At noon today -- and at noon on every Thursday until the Giz staffers realise what a ridiculous idea this is and kick me out -- I will be running a Twitter Dungeoncrawl on their official account, and you're invited to play for an hour on your lunch break. In fact, everyone's invited to play! It's the most basic form of MMO possible, and one of the least efficient. Just rock up on Twitter, respond to my question, then tell me what your character does in the unfolding situation. It is chaotic. It is stupid. It is fun (I am assured).

But maybe you've got some questions about the Twitter Dungeoncrawl. Maybe I have some answers to those questions:


Have you done this sort of thing before?

Yes! I've been a gamesmaster for bloody ages, and I've run Twitter Dungeoncrawls before. You can read Dog Tied to a Tree, Moonstabber, and SPACE ADVENTURE on my blog, if you'd like, to get an idea of what's in store.


Why's it called a "Dungeoncrawl?" What's that?

It's traditional Dungeons and Dragons parlance for a slog through an underground location in search of monsters to duff up. You can, of course, do what you want once you're in the game. One guy found the monsters and sold them psychotropic moss and started a minigolf enterprise. One woman played Pokemon. Another went to Hogwarts. I'm not here to judge you.*


Do I need to know anything about text adventures to play?

Not at all, although it helps. Just capitalise nouns and verbs and other important-sounding words until your response looks funny. That's what I do.


Are you going to spam out my feed with responses?

I'll try not to, but if there's something that I feel all players should know about, I'll post it publicly.


Who are you?

I'm Grant Howitt -- a freelance games journo and, now, suddenly, a freelance gamesmaster. I wrote that thing about the Toughpad you might have read. And that one where I gatecrashed Nintendo's girls' gamer event.


How are you going to respond to everyone?

I'm not! As last week proved, I have a maximum capacity of about twenty people before I start to lose it and forget what the hell is going on. If you play, I encourage you to be as interesting as possible.


Will this be recorded anywhere?

Yes! I'll be collating all the best responses into a sort of story using Storify, and plonking it on the Giz tomorrow morning.

Okay! That's it! See you later.

To play, follow Gizmodo UK on Twitter here, or if you fancy it, Grant over here.

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