Post Office Computer Bugs May Have Wrongly Sent Staff to Prison

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Post Office's computer systems have been found to be a little buggy, which won't be much compensation to the 100+ sub-postmasters who've been accused of defrauding the PO and prosecuted for lying in their books.

Over the last few years, some sub-postmasters have been prosecuted, made to repay shortfalls in takings and in some cases handed prison sentences, after the computerised book-keeping system decided they'd not been truthful about their income. Based on that flawed information, Post Office bosses, of course, demanded the "missing" money be returned and prosecutions launched.

An investigation into the Post Office's Horizon computer network has found some bugs inside it, although independent investigator Second Sight stopped short of blaming these for the problems suffered by some operators of our local post offices. The Post Office says it still has confidence in the system despite the glitches, as it successfully handles six million transactions a day. That's bound to make those wrongly prosecuted feel miles better. [BBC]

Image credit: Post Office from Shutterstock