PS4 May Reserve 3GB of RAM for the OS, Leaving Devs with 5GB to Play With

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some technical specs covering the PS4's memory allocation have been causing the usual massive, angry internet controversy, with gamers left in bewildered, directionless uproar over news that PS4's 8GB of RAM could leave just 4.5 - 5GB for games once the OS has taken a chunk out of it.

According to Digital Foundry, specs from developer reference materials claim that as much as 3.5GB could be perpetually bagsied by the system tools, meaning that headline 8GB RAM spec that pleased so many fans and developers when the machine was first announced is/was a little misleading. It appears that a suggested 4.5GB is the "baseline" developers have to work with, with an additional 512MB chunk made available if requested.

Sony issued a technical statement clarifying things a little and explaining the differences between direct and flexible memory, but didn't address the key issue of how much memory is needed to keep the myriad social tools and system features running in the background while players play.

In the tit-for-tat battle with Xbox One, this is another score draw -- Microsoft's machine is also said to reserve 3GB of its 8GB of memory for OS matters and future system upgrades. [Digital Foundry via CVG]