Real-Life Superheroes Fly in (by Plane) to Promote Huawei's New Mobile Phone

By Gary Cutlack on at

These people are apparently called Phoenix Jones and Purple Reign. They are, if we believe what we are told, real-life superheroes, who try to inspire people by hanging about in their costumes and prevent crime by making everyone laugh at them instead.

The pair, from Seattle, were flown into the UK by mobile maker Huawei, as part of a press event to help promote its Ascend P6 smartphone. The Huawei Superpowers Symposium apparently gave attendees the chance to hear lectures on superfoods, scientific discoveries that could lead to actual superpowers being developed within our lifetimes, and photography of other groups around the world who describe themselves as real-world superheroes.

We cannot see the connection between them and a new kind of mobile telephone, but it looks like people had a fun day out "in character" regardless. [Huawei via The Register]