Russia Wants a More "Civilised" Internet by Banning Swearing

By Gary Cutlack on at

The chairwoman of Russia's Committee on Family, Women and Children wants to make the internet a less angry place by banning swearing, with web site managers given 24 hours to delete offending content or face punishment. Is Russia trying to one-up the Great Firewall of Cameron?

The law would cover everything from social networks to forums and regular blogs and sites, with the aim being to stop children from seeing non-stop swearing as the normal way to behave. As someone who can remember what cauldrons of hate and profanity school playgrounds were like in the days before the internet came along, it's doubtful it would make much of a difference.

David Cameron would surely welcome such a move here, however, having seen some of the language used in the "@" replies that head his way on Twitter. [Pravda via Wired]

Image credit: Angry man from Shutterstock