Samsung Browsers Beat Apple Fans in Worldwide Mobile Web Use War

By Gary Cutlack on at

Samsung's squeezed ahead of Apple in one vague global metric of technical popularity, with Samsung-made mobiles now generating more mobile internet traffic than Apple devices. The sheep have turned.

The stats, generated by web monitor Statcounter [PDF], show that Samsung's phones accounted forĀ 25.47 per cent of mobile web traffic last month, with long-time mobile internet king Apple's global share falling to 25.09 per cent. A narrow win, but a win all the same for Team Plastic.

It's a different picture in the UK, though, where Apple's still the number one generator of mobile internet traffic by miles, taking 47.97 per cent of mobile data in June of 2013, up from 34 per cent in July of 2012 -- and massively ahead of Samsung's 20.45 per cent share.

Problem being that many of Samsung's web users might be looking at web pages crunching slowly and gradually into view on cheap phones like the Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Y, so it's maybe nothing for the Korean giant to be that proud of. [Statcounter via The Register]