Shooting Challenge #19 (International Travel) -- The Winner Is...

By Martin Snelling on at

In the last Shooting Challenge, you were tasked with sending in your best photo that represented the theme of ‘International Travel’. With the added incentive of an iPhone 5 prize to get you snapping and submitting, many of you took the time to send in your holiday snaps -- some of you even spent time creating your own vision of international travel; so thanks as always to everyone that participated.

There really were some fantastic entries this week; you’ve made me insanely jealous as many of you have travelled to places I can only dream of visiting. I’m about as international as a week on the Isle of Wight (which isn’t to be sniffed at, I have to say -- especially if it's during the festival. Stinky.)

Due to the sheer volume of entries this week and the fact there was a prize on offer thanks to giffgaff (check out their completely-overhauled new international tariffs here), I was super-tight on the rules, so any entries that didn’t adhere to them were immediately disqualified and not uploaded to Flickr. A number of images were disqualified this week because a.) they were too big; b.) the email subject header was incorrect c.) the image filename was incorrect. So please ensure you read the rules next time, as we've got more crackin' prizes coming up.

Nevertheless, a winner must be announced, and so it gives me great pleasure to announce that this week’s winner is Amid Akhyani for his stunning image of a Turkish hot air balloon trip. It really doesn’t get more international and ‘travely’ than that.

Here are a few words from Amid on his entry: “I took this photo on my (then-newish) Panasonic Lumix G2 camera when on a month long trip to Turkey in 2011. This photo was taken the morning after my birthday (would have been before 8am local time) near Ürgüp in Cappadocia. The balloon trip was a present from my then girlfriend (now fiancée) and lift off was just before 7am.

“From what I remember the iA function on the camera (point and shoot mode) was on, with the reason being that we had only recently taken the step up from a point and shoot digital camera. Just goes to prove how good the auto function of this camera is. The only processing has been a little straightening of the photo (to flatten the horizon) and a little play with the contrast to bring out some of the colours.

“I consider myself a fairly well travelled person but I have to say this was one of the most unique experiences I've had during my travels. The experience was so peaceful and the scenery was so magical it is a memory I will never forget.”

Well done again Amid; we hope you enjoy your iPhone 5 as much as the balloon trip.

As is customary with my Shooting Challenges, I must hand out some much deserved praise to the following people (in alphabetical order it appears):

Alex Elliott: A great concept and well executed.

Andy Adams: If you can't make it, fake it!

Blake Taylor: A fantastic piece of street photography; really strong.

David Namad:I love the sense of speed and movement in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong.

Lee Cartwright: The reflections really add something special to this image.

Quinton Murray: A superb image; well done.

You can find the entries over on the Flickr page, so go check them all out and then let us know your favourite in the comments below.

Check back in next Wednesday for a brand new Shooting Challenge, and yep, there'll be another prize up for grabs. Sharpen those cameras! (Please don't.)