Sky Wins Friends by Apologising for Crappy Android App

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sky's held up its hands and admitted to being a bit slack when it comes to integrating its Sky Go system and Android, with the boss of product design and development at Sky stepping up and taking responsibility for the mess.

In a long and detailed post over on the Sky forums, Alun Webber said the Sky Go app has "fallen short of the expectations of some of our customers," while also listing the main complaints him and his team have seen flooding in from users of the 2.4 star rated app. And there have been quite a few, most notably when it comes to iOS feature parity and Android device support.

It's refreshing to see some honesty from those involved for a change. Instead of ignoring criticism and sticking out new releases without any warning, Sky's put up a list of issues and put together a timeline of when things are likely be fixed. And in what order it's tackling the list. Good on you, Alun. [Sky]