Sky's Wi-Fi Router Isn't Fast Enough to Deliver its Top Fibre Speeds

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest version of the Sky Hub router Sky gives out to its fibre broadband customers has a bit of a problem, with tests finding it can't deliver the fastest advertised fibre speeds over its Wi-Fi connection. Ooops.

In tests carried out by Trusted Reviews, a pair of identical Sky Hubs maxed out at a Wi-Fi connection speed of 46.4Mbps, despite Sky tempting users to sign up to fibre packages claiming they might see connection speeds of "up to 76Mbps."

The problem can be fixed by using an Ethernet connection to hook a PC or laptop into the Hub, but that's not really the point. Sky appears to be making promises its hardware can't keep, plus its broadband requires users to use the Sky Hub to connect to it, so switching routers for a speed boost isn't an option. [Trusted Reviews]