Sony and Panasonic Think the World Needs a 300GB Optical Disc

By Jamie Condliffe on at

With fewer and fewer computers packing an optical drive, you might be under the impression that the accompanying media is dead. Not if you're to believe Sony and Panasonic, who are planning to develop a next-gen optical disc with capacity of at least 300GB.

The pair have announced that they'll work together to create the new medium, which will primarily be targeted at "professionals". It's not clear what those professionals are supposed to be professional in — though it seems likely it's not forward-thinking progress.

Joking aside, these kinds of high-capacity discs will no doubt be good for backups and archiving — especially when it comes to HD video and the like. Given the whole world seems to embracing high-quality video, there's a fair chance that such discs could also appeal to hobbyists too — and, if the pair succeed in their aim, they hope to have the media on the market at early as 2015. Would you sign up for a glorified DVD? [Sony via Verge]

Image by acampos under Creative Commons license