Sony's "Honami" 20MP Xperia Z Update Photographed Again

By Gary Cutlack on at

Yet more details on the forthcoming Sony "Honami" or i1 phone have appeared, with new photos of a demo version of the mobile giving us a look at the form factor it'll be taking. It's another thin one, that's for sure.

The phone's quite reminiscent of the lovely Xperia Z, although, with a whopping great speaker grille along the bottom, it's perhaps unlikely to offer the same water resistance ratings as seen on Sony's previous flagship model. There's not much else we can deduce from a pre-production dummy phone, apart from the fact it appears to have a glass backside and a physical camera button.

Previous leaks have claimed this phone's going to arrive with a 20-Megapixel camera onboard, powering a 5.3-inch display. Which would be nice to have. [Gadget Helpline via Slashgear]