Sony's Honami/i1 Leaks Again, This Time With AR... Dinosaurs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony's ship has sprung yet another enormous leak along its port side, with new hands-on shots of the unannounced Honami or i1 phone hitting the web. This time it's been switched on to reveal the phone company's bizarre new camera software tools.

The most peculiar new feature is a sort of augmented reality overlay system, which drops features atop your scenes. The leaked images show someone sticking a prehistoric dinosaur diorama on top of a bland office scene, although there's some good stuff shown off too. Prettiest of the new camera features is a little visual flip book that lets users page through the results of a burst mode image capture session, plus the Honami also contains something Sony's calling the "Info-Eye" -- a sort of AR mapping tool, much like Nokia's City Lens system.

Tech site Gadget Helpline has more images, including ones of the new phone sitting alongside the Xperia Z for comparison. [Gadget Helpline via Android Community]