Abject Surface RT Failure Cuts Another Deep Gash in Microsoft's Accounts, Despite $1bn Extra Ad Spend

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft has released new financial data that shows how poorly its Surface tablets have been performing, revealing that it earned just $853m (£560m) in sales from the tablet range last year. And it's already written off $900m in inventory discounts. Ouch.

The $853m earning total includes cash brought in by both Surface RT and Surface Pro sales, although the earlier $900m write-down only includes Surface RT, so there's more financial suffering in the pipeline. To make matters even worse, Microsoft's numbers reveal that it also spent an extra $1bn last year on a combined marketing push to help promote Windows 8 and the RT ranges.

So that's nearly $2bn in extra ad costs and write offs down the hole, to make just $853m in additional sales from the Surface RT series. [Microsoft via The Register]