The Amazing Lytro Light-Field Camera Is Finally Coming to the UK

By Sam Gibbs on at

The camera that's set to revolutionise the way we take photos -- at least that's what the manufacturers reckon -- is soon to start stocking store shelves in Britain. For £399 from July 22nd you'll be able buy the Lytro camera and see what the future feels like.

The 8GB variant will come in four colours for £399, or £469 for a 16GB red version; not exactly cheap for something with a compact-sized image sensor. I've had a brief play with one myself, and I can tell you that it does what it says on the tin, although there's a bit of learning curve to actually produce photos that are anything different from a simple, flat point-and-shoot snap.

Still, Lytro's been continually updating the software for its fancy camera, giving it a load more features including a GIF-tastic perspective shift and Instagram-on-steroids filters. If you're the creative type, it might be worth a punt later this month, just don't expect it to replace your dSLR. Anyone thinking of taking the plunge?