The BBC Is Giving Up on 3D

By Sam Gibbs on at

It looks like the incoming Dr Who anniversary special in November will be the last BBC show in 3D. Aunty's suspending 3D programming for at least three years because the British public seemingly just doesn't care about 3D. What a surprise.

The BBC has been trialling 3D stuff since 2011, including the Olympics, Wimbledon, Strictly Come Dancing and others, all broadcast free-to-air in 3D. Apparently only half of those actually capable of watching stuff in 3D actually did so, and therefore the BBC is essentially jacking it in.

Kim Shillinglaw, the BBC's head of 3D, told Radio Times, "we will see what happens when the recession ends and there may be more take up of sets, but I think the BBC will be having a wait-and-see. It's the right time for a good old pause."

Take it from us, don't bother starting up again. Until we've got holographic sets sitting in our living rooms, 3D is dead to us. [BBC]