The Konami Code Shows Condé Nast Actually Has a Sense of Humour

By Sam Gibbs on at

This is brilliant, and seemingly the editorial staff on the various Condé Nast UK sites had no idea it was even there. The developers of Vogue, EasyLiving, GQ and Wired in the UK hid a little dinosaur-themed easter egg for Konami Code lovers on the various sites. Just try it.

The Konami Code, for anyone who's not familiar, is the old-school cheat code that used to let you unlock extra lives in NES games. These days devs use it to hide cool secret stuff on websites, in apps, and even on super-expensive Chromebooks.

Anyway, here it is, so go try it out on your keyboard on either Vogue, EasyLiving, GQ or Wired. It's OK, I'll wait.

What on Earth a dinosaur wearing various hats is all about, I have no idea. But it's hilarious nonetheless. Even Nyancat's gotten in on the action. Simply fantastic. I wish more devs did cool little things like that. Has anyone else got any great Konami Codes we should all try? Chuck 'em in the comments. [Pop Culture Brain via BuzzFeed]