The Next Bond Film Will Be Called Bond 24; Won't Star Jack Bauer (Updated)

By Chris Mills on at

Daniel Craig is set to bring his particular brand of stubble/hard-man charm back to the silver screen in 2015, with the follow-up to Skyfall getting a release date, director, and leading fellah.

Bond 24 is the name, Sam Mendes the director (well-deserved, after the pretty stonking number he did on Skyfall), and 23rd October 2015 the date you have to circle in your calendar. Wait, you have a 2015 calendar already? Freak.

The other good news is the return of John Logan, the scriptwriter for Skyfall. Given that he and Mendes are working together again, we can expect a pretty cracking film.

As TotalFilm point out, it's setting us up for an incredible year of films in 2015, with The Avengers 2, Star Wars VII and Terminator 5 all set to debut in the same year. Maybe I should just move into my local multiplex. [TotalFilm]

Updated: As some commenters have pointed out below, Bond 24 may just be a working title.