The PS4 Will Ship With an AR Game, But Not the Camera the Game Needs

By Sam Gibbs on at

There are rumours Sony left out the PlayStation 4 Eye camera to beat the Xbox One on price. That's fine, I guess; it'll be a £45-odd add-on you'll just have to buy separately. So why the hell is Sony shipping an augmented reality game bundled with the PS4 that you can't use unless you buy the camera too? That's just dumb.

Every PS4 will apparently come with The Playroom just like Nintendo bundled Wii Sports with the Wii. It's basically a demo to show you what the PS4 can do with the DualShock 4 and the PS4 Eye, so it would make more sense to, you know, bundle it with the PS4 Eye, right?

Anyway, it seems you're getting it, regardless of whether you're into all that AR and camera-based stuff or not. This definitely makes it look like Sony intended to ship the Eye with the PS4 until it heard the price of the Xbox One. [CVG]