The UK's 6-Megawatt Battery Could Power Your Phone For at Least Three Days

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK is about to house the biggest battery in Europe, apparently, with a forthcoming installation at Leighton Buzzard part of a long-running experiment to find new ways to store energy generated by sustainable methods.

The UK taxpayer has contributed £13.2m to help pay for a consortium of three companies to build the massive lithium manganese battery, which, by the year 2016, could be storing up to 6-Megawatts worth of power. The idea being to help store the sporadic output of wind turbines and solar panels, so they may better cope with the bizarre tea-making, kettle boiling rituals of the UK population, and lower energy bills through greater use of off-peak generation capacity. [Guardian]

Image credit: Battery charger from Shutterstock