The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By A Kennedy on at

I'm not going to lie, I'm a gamer. Any type of technology I get my hands on is used to some capacity for that purpose. Then I savagely attack it with my thumbs. Luckily, I -- and presumably you -- have other areas of interest. Such as the following, which became available in the past week:


iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps of the Week: Clipper, Potluck, and More

Clipper: One of the great things about Vine (and now Instagram, too!) is it manages to give you the ability to stop filming and pick up pretty much exactly exactly where you left off. Because of that you can produce more dynamic, interesting clips than you could otherwise. But there lies the problem — you're stuck with only being about to produce clips. With Clipper, though, you can get the same result without the limiting time constraints. [£0.69]

iPhone Apps of the Week: Clipper, Potluck, and More

Potluck: Have you ever seen an article on the web that you wanted to repost/retweet/share, but simply can't figure out the wittiest/snarkiest/ironic-est way to share it with your friends/followers/subscribers? Potluck promises to take (most of) the thinking out of sharing links, by generating conversations between friends, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends who happen to have enjoyed the same article. Simples. [Free]

iPad Apps of the Week: VLC, Origami, and More

VLC: VLC, the best, fastest and easiest to use video player around, is now available (again) on iOS. If you're looking to play videos on your iPhone, VLC is more than likely going to be your best bet. The app, being the awesome video player it is, of course features playback speed, tweak brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. and supports subtitles. It's an eagerly anticipated welcome return to VLC which was unfortunately removed from the App Store in early 2011. [Free]

Animation Creator: Animation Creator is a fairly simple concept -- it allows your creativity to come to life on your iPhone. With very simple, yet effective drawing tools such as brush styles, colour palettes and sliders, layers, shake to undo (as most iPhone users would guess), and easy to use frame management, there are no limits holding back your imagination! Just try to keep it clean. [£1.99]

Layton Brothers Mystery Room: Have a Nintendo DS? Ever played any of the Professor Layton game series? The next instalment is on iOS! In a brand new crime-solving mystery game from Level-5 Inc, you'll play as Inspector Alphendi Layton and his new partner, Detective Constable Lucy Baker, as they work on cases in the "Mystery Room" in Scotland Yard. Uncover details behind each crime, examine suspicious objects, and call in witnesses to see if they have anything to hide. If you're a fan of the series (as I am) then this is one not to miss. [Free, in-app purchases]


iPad Apps

iPad Apps of the Week: VLC, Origami, and More

VLC: This is the same as the iPhone app in the iPhone section, but optimised for the iPad's bigger screen and higher resolution. If the app interested you for iPhone, then it should make you pretty happy about the iPad version. Because bigger is always better, right? Right? [Free]

iPad Apps of the Week: VLC, Origami, and More

Apple Logic Pro X: Apple just announced a new version of its top-end music production software. It's been about four years since Apple updated its professional editing suite, so there's a long list of upgrades in Logic Pro X. The improvements range from an overhauled interface to an iPad controller app to a new automatic drummer feature to help fill in your song when you can't get a drummer into the studio. It's available now. [Companion iPad app: free; Desktop software: £139.99]

Manything: Want to see what your dog does while you're not at home? Set up a cheap video security system? Or finally catch that cheating spouse? Manything turns an iOS device of your choice that you don't take out of the house with you, into a video monitoring system. All your recordings are streamed to the Manything cloud to watch live or later. Packed with features like motion detection, sound activated flash, cellular backup if Wifi fails, clip sharing, and the ability to watch your live streams from other smartphones. [Free]

AP Stylebook 2013: The Associated Press Stylebook is an essential tool for writers, editors, students and public relations professionals. It provides the aspiring or seasoned writer with fundamental guidelines on spelling, grammar, punctuation, usage and journalistic style, with special sections on reporting business and sports. Handy if you're, well, me.  [£17.49]

IFTT for iPad: Great news if you're a fan of IF This Then That, the immensely popular productivity service that lets you connect different aspects of your digital life. It's arrived on the App Store, so you can activate your Channels and create Recipes. Channels are services like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, as well as devices like Philips Hue, Belkin WeMo, and UP by Jawbone. And Recipes are connections between your Channels that unlock entirely new ways for your services and devices to communicate with each other. It's like the EU for social networks. [Free]


Android Apps

Bjork's Biophilia: Two years after the Icelandic popstress Bjork released her album-as-app Biophilia on the iPad, and it's appeared on the Google Play Store for £8.49. Containing 10 sections for each of the album's songs, each section includes mini-games, some whizzy interactive art, and oh, the ability to create music just like Bjork. [£8.49]

Android Apps of the Week: Floating Toucher, Locket, and More

Sync: BitTorrent's personal cloud service, Sync, has just moved into beta this week. And now, it even has its own Android app. If you need some space online that the GCHQ can't get at, you should go check it out. [Free]

Android Apps of the Week: Floating Toucher, Locket, and More

Floating Toucher: When it's closed it takes up the floor space of one app, but gives you 2-touch access to your faves. When you touch it, it pulls up an 8-tile customisable task centre where you put the apps you use the most. An IKEA style visual storage solution. [Free]

Boomerang: iPhone owners have an abundance of choice for email apps trying to bring order to the average Gmail inbox. Now Android finally has its own equivalent with Boomerang, which offers features like "snoozing" (flagging) emails for later, switching between different accounts, pre-scheduling emails so you can send them later, and support for Gmail's labels and folders. Sounds good. [Free]

Imgur: As an image-sharing site, Imgur prides itself on being able to weasel out memes as they go viral. Now that's been brought to Android devices, so that you can browse popular pics, vote and comment on them, and upload new images from your smartphone or tablet. Kitten pictures! Other things too. But mainly kitten pictures. [Free]


Windows Phone Apps

Halifax: Manage your Halifax personal account while on the move. This handy little Halifax app lets you find your nearest Halifax branch and ATM wherever you are in the UK, using Bing maps. It also enables you to make transfers from your personal and savings accounts, while using top-notch security to ensure all transactions are safe and secure. A great app to make managing your finances on the go, that little bit easier. [Free]

Keek: Described by Forbes as a combination of Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, this powerhouse app is the fastest, easiest way to watch, record and share video updates on your Windows Phone. A fun way to meet people, Keek lets you watch and share videos with other users from all around the world – the perfect way to meet people and stay up to date with friends in real-time. [Free]

NOW Running: The new NOW Running app is the perfect running companion, allowing you to create your perfect running playlist in an instant. Simply set your run length, click ‘Go’ and the app will create a running playlist from the music in your library. For just 69p more, you’ll gain access to the energy filter which will create a running playlist for the duration and energy level you want in just a few clicks. Plus, you can share your run performance on Facebook and Twitter so your friends can cheer you on virtually. [Free]

Jet Car Stunts: This action-packed app is an award-winning, over-the-top, addictive, 3D driving game, with jumps, spiral roadways and outlandish manoeuvres in impossible environments. Not your typical driving game – Jet Car Stunts’ challenge is not against competitors but the insane courses themselves. To reach the finish line, you’ll need to hone your skills. Practice makes perfect, innit. [£2.29]

Spotify: Spotify for Windows Phone 8's latest update increases the overall speed and quality of the app so now you can get your music on the move faster than ever. Gain access to millions of tracks and explore and play your friends’ playlists, artists and tracks too. [Free]