The World's First Test-Tube Burger Will Be Taste Tested in London Next Week

By Sam Gibbs on at

Finally, after much waiting, debating, and salivating at the thought of a tasty-looking hunk of cow-suffering-free burger, the first ever lab-grown burger patty, costing £250,000 will be served at an "exclusive west London venue" next Monday. The possible future of meat is finally here.

The in vitro-produced burger, which is grown from the stem cells of a cow, has been on its way for the best part of three years to an undisclosed London restaurant. After Heston Blumenthal had a false start last year, it seems the holy grail of meat production is finally ready for a proper taste testing, so we can see whether animal-suffering-free meat is actually viable.

Of course, it'll be ages before this kind of hopefully-tasty burger makes its way to your dinner table, given that it currently costs in the region of £250,000 to produce just one patty. But if it passes the palatable exam, then maybe we'll see the technology and methods evolve a bit quicker.

The question still remains: Would vegetarians actually eat meat that no animal was harmed in the making of? As a meat eater, I've got absolutely no problem with it. [Independent]

Image credit: Burger from Shutterstock