There's a Cool New Type of GIF In Town

By Sam Gibbs on at

GIFs are seemingly the life-blood of the hipster internet at the moment, and we're unashamed to say that we love them. Now there's a new kind of motion GIF starting to emerge, the "deparallax" GIF. Check out these stunning, hyperreal images. You'll think they're CGI, but they're not.

Artist Zack Dougherty explains it like this:

"I'm isolating a plane in a series of photographs and perspective shifting the planes to match. Anything that is not on the plane will then show the direction of movement."

The images are created from several snaps of the same subject, just from slightly different perspectives. Then, a single element from the image is isolated and the perspectives combined into a moving, bulging image. The effect is pretty damn cool.

Unfortunately, unlike most other GIFs, they require quite a lot more skill to create, so you won't be seeing them from every Tom, Dick or Harry, but perhaps that's a good thing. These really are a works of digital art. Check out Zack's whole brilliant collection over on his Tumblr. [Zack Dougherty via BuzzFeed]

Image credit: Zack Dougherty