This Awesome Arcade Cabinet Looks Like a MiG-23

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Crack out your flight sims: this arcade cabinet has to be the ultimate way to dogfight, resembling as it does the iconic MiG-23 fighter jet.

Put together by Radek Michalowski, the cabinet is numbered 846 in tribute to the MiG-23 his friend’s father once flew. And it really does look like the plane it's inspired by, with metal and rivet skin reminiscent of old airplanes.

While Radek doesn’t say what guts are stuffed inside the cabinet's frame—only that it runs MAME—it does at least sport dual controls and real arcade buttons. But maybe he should add some proper flight controls for good measure.

If you like it enough, check it out on Etsy—just be warned that it'll set you back around £2500. [Etsy via Technabob via Neatorama]