This Tiny Dyson Fits On an A4 Sheet of Paper

By Sam Gibbs on at

I'm not quite sure how that can be right, but apparently Dyson's new tiniest pull-along vacuum cleaner is so small it'll fit within the footprint of a piece of paper while still sucking hard.

The DC49 uses the Dyson digital motor v4, which first showed up in the handheld DC44 we loved, and later went on to feature in the company's wacky tap-cum-hand-drier thing, the Airblade Tap. This marks the first time Dyson's stuffed mark four of its digital motor into a mains-powered cleaner, though, which means the thing produces some 1050W of suction while the whole thing only weighs 2.7kg. A normal motor, Dyson claims, would weigh 1.2kg on its own.

Anyway, it took over 150 prototypes to get the DC49 right, which could go someway to explaining why it'll cost you £350. Still, it's tiny, sucks like a champ, and is apparently super-quiet too, so could be worth a punt if you're a bit short on space.