This Innuendo-Laced Monstrosity Is What Mercedes Thinks Gets Its Workers Going

By Sam Gibbs on at

I'm not sure whether it's the suggestive imagery, or the rather hot-and-heavy lyrics, including such gems as "[I] like them to turn me on. I thought that some of them did." But something about this video makes me seriously wonder about Mercedes. It's not quite as bad as the classic G4s effort from the Olympics, but holy hell this needs to die with fire.

The video lasts for over five minutes, chock-a-block full of bizarre "motivational" images and questionable lyrics. It's apparently aimed at the (brave) men and women of the Mercedes service fleet, but it deserves to be scrubbed from the internet. Or at least parodied. Parodied to hell and back. With fire. [YouTube via Jalopnik]