This Is the First Arrest Captured By Google Glass

By Sam Gibbs on at

While most of America was off partying for their 4th of July celebrations, some idiot decided to start a fight and get arrested. Nothing unusual there, but it just so happened a Glass-equipped documentary filmmaker was standing by. He recorded the whole thing, which shows what the future is going to be like. There will be no escape from the camera, ever.

Skip to around 2:00 for the arresting action.

In the UK we're kind of used to the thought of our every move being captured by CCTV, but recordings of our idiocy making it to the open web is a whole different ball game. Yeah, everyone has a camera on their phone, but you actually have to bust that thing out, switch it on, and hit record. The whole process is obvious; everyone will know you're filming things (probably in portrait). With Glass or any other camera-equipped smart glasses strapped to your face, you can record the whole thing and no one will even realise.

It could be a good thing, I guess. Recording acts of brutality as unequivocal eyewitness evidence would be fantastic for putting bad guys behind bars, but it's the last bastion of privacy that has to go out the window with it to make it happen. I find that unsettling, even if you don't. [YouTube via Venutre Beat via KurzweilAI via io9]