This is What London Would Look Like If It Actually Conformed to the Tube Map

By Sam Gibbs on at

Everyone knows that the iconic London Underground map isn't exactly a fair representation of the actual geography of London. It's a diagram, originally based on the ideas of a circuit diagram, but if London's geography really did fit into the bounds of the tube map, this bizarrely-warped affair is what it would look like.

Essentially everything gets squished together, because the proportions of the tube map are way out. That, and the river Thames certainly doesn't look like that. In fact, I can barely tell what things are in some places because they're so badly warped.

It's interesting to see just how much is crammed inside the Circle line, though. Something that's certainly difficult to appreciate as you trundle slowly around it. Grab a high-res version of it here, and check out Mapfodder's other cool UK-orientated mapping projects while you're at it. [Mapfodder via io9]