This is What the PS4 Developers Are Getting

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've seen what you and I are going to get out of Sony, but now we know what the devs who are going to make all the amazing next-gen games are going to get PS4-wise. This beastly thing is clocked at 2.75GHz and is packed full of extra ports, lights and fans.

It's always interesting to see that the developer kits never resemble the shipping gaming boxes. They're built for racks, extra cooling and a litany of flashing lights to show precisely what's happening, or more importantly, what just went wrong.

What the listed 2.75GHz corresponds to, we're not sure. It could be the maximum clock frequency of the CPU, but it could easily refer to the RAM as well. Ugly looking thing, don't you think? [FCC via Engadget]