This Is Why Even Wheels Are Absolutely Lethal in Formula 1

By Sam Gibbs on at

With Wimbledon on, and Murray finally doing it for all us Brits, the German GP got side-lined a bit. It was a cracking race though, but one Mark Webber moment really opened our eyes. An errant wheel from a pit stop went careening into a poor cameraman taking him completely out. Ouch.

Thankfully the cameraman was OK. Well, if you can call a broken collarbone and ribs OK, but given that he wasn't wearing a helmet and it came bouncing up at head height, I'd call that lucky. A strike to the head from that thing would have been lethal.

It's amazing how much energy the loose wheel had, given that Webber's car had literally just pulled away from stationary before it was launched down the pit. It just goes to show how dangerous F1 really is, and how brave all the volunteer marshals around the various circuits are. Perhaps it's time to start rigging up automated camera positions and getting the guys out of there too? [BBC, Deadspin]