Three's Just Dropped a Price Bomb on the UK's PAYG Market

By Sam Gibbs on at

Fancy yourself some really, really cheap PAYG plans? With data that costs just 1p per MB (no, that's not a typo), calls that are only 3p a minute, and texts that are practically-free at 2p per message? Yep, Three's just come in and nuked every non-bundle PAYG offering from any other network. Oh my word that's cheap.

Three's new "321" plan is an absolute game changer. The network has basically just undercut everyone, and while if you're a heavy data consumer, there are cheaper offerings out there, just 1p per MB is probably the best you'll ever get without buying some sort of bundle.

There don't seem to be any catches here either (although if you spot one, chuck it in the comments), just straightforward rates. How Three can possibly make any money here, I have no idea. Given that calls and texts are basically given away free, and most networks offer some sort of 1GB bundle of data for around £10 a month, it's not that big a value proposition when you get into it.

But what it does give you is serious flexibility. Three might have just pushed out the best secondary SIM deal ever, for the occasional data usage on a tablet or something. For existing Three PAYG users, your rates have also just dropped, but you can call 333 from your phone to make sure you're on the cheapest tariff. [Three]

Image credit: Penny from Shutterstock