'Traffic Light' System May Age-Rate Online Video

By Chris Mills on at

Although the age-rating system has long been effective at stopping 14-year-olds from getting an illicit peek at some actresses' knockers, it's fallen down a little when it comes to the likes of YouTube. Thankfully, crowdfunding has ridden to the rescue, with a user-sourced 'traffic light' system being mooted as the saviour of virtue and modesty in this age of decadence.

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) is mooting a 'traffic light' system for moderating user-generated content, where a mixture of information provided by the uploader and the general public will be used to grade videos. Presumably, green will be PG, yellow a little ooh-matron, and red the full-on Michael Fassbender.

The system's already been trialled in Italy, and given the overriding enthusiasm of our politicians to grade and classify everything, I wouldn't be too surprised if YouTube was having this rammed down its throat some time soon. [BBC]

Image credit: Traffic light from Shutterstock