Ubuntu Founders Want £21m of the World's Money to Make a Smartphone

By Gary Cutlack on at

Canonical is trying to set a new global high score for a crowd-funded cash-grab, asking for a stonking great $32m (£21m) to fund the Ubuntu Edge; a high-end smartphone able to boot both Android and Ubuntu's own mobile OS.

The specs are a bit vague, though, what with the finished "textured amorphous metal" hardware not due to launch until 2014. Backers are told to expect a phone running on "the fastest available multi-core processor" and backed by 128GB of onboard storage space and 4GB of RAM, which will power a 4.5" display running at 1,280 x 720 resolution.

The campaign's taken nearly £2.1m in the first 24 hours, thanks to offering 5,000 of the phones at a discounted cost of $600, with backers now asked to pledge a top-whack $830 (£540) for one of the phones now. Which is a lot of money upfront for a thing not due for a year. [Indiegogo]