UK ISP Suggests Moving to North Korea if You Want a Censored Internet

By Gary Cutlack on at

Niche UK ISP Andrew & Arnolds has taken a rather ballsy approach to David Cameron's supposed War on Porn, telling its customers they should choose another ISP or move to the communist state if they want a restricted internet. So that's a "no" to implementing the active choice system, then.

In a post underlining the benefits of a "real" internet connection, Andrew & Arnolds says that any automated system of censorship "still cannot guarantee kids don't access porn" and that the burden ought to lie with the parents for installing their own parental control options.

Meanwhile, satirical, tech-aware rapper Dan Bull has recorded his musical say about the situation, in which he also uses the North Korea parallel and brands the PM "Kim Jong Cameron" in a track about the censorship issues currently making the headlines:

It's all going very well for David Cameron, isn't it? Definite vote-winner. [TechEye]