Watch Six Women From Greenpeace Scale the Shard Live, Right Now

By Sam Gibbs on at

Six female protesters from Greenpeace are currently attempting to scale London's 310m-tall The Shard, (aka, Europe's tallest building), campaigning against Shell's arctic oil drilling activities. The climb is pretty treacherous, and definitely not legal, but it's all being live-streamed right now.

Essentially Greenpeace wants to create a global sanctuary in the uninhabited zone around the North Pole, banning oil drilling and industrial fishing in Arctic waters.

As of writing they've managed to hit 85 metres up, which you can watch live here (as well as sign up to help the cause if you're so inclined). I have to say, whether you agree with Greenpeace or not, you've got to have some balls to scale up the outside of The Shard. [Greenpeace via PR Examples]

Image credit: Greenpeace